Our Vision

To be the global leaders of Australian-grown Manuka plantations producing premium Manuka honey and oil products developed in Australia for local and international markets. From plants to products we are developing fully integrated supply chains enabling market efficiencies while building natural health product outcomes.

ManukaLife develop premium quality Manuka honey and oil plantations in Western Australia’s unique bio-secure environment.

ManukaLife is a Western Australian company that develops high-grade Manuka plantations for products developed for the medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical industries. These products are created based on science, research and our unique positioning in the bio-secure region of Western Australia.

The Australian Federal Government has confirmed that Australia has one of the healthiest honey bee populations in the globe, with an absence of colony collapse disorder or pests such as the Varroa mite. Healthy bee colonies deliver higher yields at lower operating costs with certainty. Our world-class Manuka honey originates in the natural pristine Australian environment where strong disease-free bees and Leptospermum trees thrive.

ManukaLife is committed to securing the future viability of an Australian Manuka honey and oil industry. We are passionate about Australia’s bio-secure environment and the untapped potential for harnessing the healing power of Manuka for health benefits.

We are expertly positioned at the cross-section of Australian innovation, agriculture, bioscience and our own plant breeding technologies to foster a sustainable Manuka industry in Australia that has global reach, influence and success.

Our goal is to become one of the largest Manuka plantation growers in Australia, producing world-class Manuka and developing high value products with fully integrated supply chains where strong disease-free trees and bees thrive.


We offer our unique premium grade Manuka in a variety of essential products across the medicinal, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nutraceutical and nutritional sectors. Each industry presents unique opportunities and applications, summarised below:












Plant Breeding Program

The Australian Federal Government through AgriFutures has funded ManukaLife, in conjunction with Kings Park and Botanic Gardens, to underpin the future genetics of the Manuka industry in Australia.


Bee Partners & Bee Company

We’ve partnered with significant apiarist organisations to ensure Manuka honey is harvested at the right times from our plantations. We’re also investing in our own bee company and hives as part of integrated supply chain initiatives.


Plant Production & Development

ManukaLife has established large-scale nursery operations for the propagation and production of Leptospermum seedlings. Operations include plant breeding, seedling propagation, research trials and plantation management. 


Product Manufacturing

ManukaLife is continuing to develop Manuka products for the medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical markets and has partnered with various third-party contractors to formulate, produce and package these products.

The ManukaLife Plant Breeding Program

The ManukaLife and Kings Park and Botanic Gardens plant breeding program is the most comprehensive plant breeding program for Leptospermum honey and oil production in the world.

It will ensure Australia continues to be a global leader in the production of Manuka honey and oil.

ManukaLife owns the intellectual property and plant breeding rights of these programs that will underpin the future genetics of the Manuka industry in Australia.

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Watch:  Learn more about the ManukaLife plant breeding program and its progress.

Executive Leadership

Paul Callander


Paul has over twenty-five years of experience in executive positions, financing and investor relations in the US and Asia. He is also the Chair of the Australian Manuka Honey Association.

Joe Baini


Joe brings thirty years experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, with a focus on commercialisation, marketing and sales. 


Tony Woods

Agricultural Services

Agricultural innovator, Tony developed one of the first commercial chestnut plantations in WA and was the founder of healthcare product company Tranquilita.

Paul Kordic

IP & Contract

Paul has practised for over thirty-five years as a commercial lawyer, with an agricultural background. He focuses on the contracts and IP management of ManukaLife.

Alastair Walker


Alastair brings thirty years of experience in accounting as a chief financial officer and company secretary across mining, aviation and telecommunication companies.


Lester Chang


John Thomson


Dr Clay Golledge