Global Supply Channels

The establishment of global distribution channels for our high-value Manuka products across a range of industries is a key strategy at ManukaLife.

With high growth opportunities, we are presented with a broad range of potential applications and commercial returns on a global scale in multiple industries. The production of natural health products based on proven science utilising high-grade Manuka honey and Manuka oil is being increasingly accepted worldwide. This change is creating many new opportunities in the health, food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Manuka Honey Benefits

We are constantly establishing new global channels and e-commerce platforms through reputable global partners who are industry experts in the marketing and sales of science-based, health-related products.


Our initial products have shipped to Japan, China, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Korea, Qatar and Germany. We are also being sold into Australian supermarkets such as IGA and Farmer Jacks. The development and introduction of our new Derma and Pharma value add products, has also seen us expand into pharmaceutical and medicinal channels.

Bee keepers harvesting Manuka honey