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While our plantations continue to produce Manuka honey and Manuka oil and we pursue commercialisation strategies with new partners, we are initiating the development of new science-based products for distribution.

One of ManukaLife’s key objectives is to produce natural health products and outcomes, and we aim to leverage the significant advantages of our elite clonal genetics to lead the development of premium quality products for health-related, pharmaceutical and medicinal markets.

topical products

ManukaLife sourced honey in July 2018 and produced our first line of branded products. In parallel, the company initiated its first distillation of Manuka’s essential oil and has developed new products around Manuka oil and complementary ingredients. We are continually researching the vast potential of both Manuka honey and oil and how we can use them together and separately to produce natural science-based products that will benefit people’s health outcomes.

Manuka flowers and oil
ManukaLife 100% Manuka Oil

Adding to our existing range, and through harnessing the powers of Manuka honey and Manuka oil, we have created a range of acne, eczema and wound care products. ManukaLife’s company model is based on creating innovative, high-value products for high-value industries such as pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetics. Our product strategies utilise both Manuka honey and Manuka oil.