Manuka Honey every way, every day.

Things we already know :

Honey is good for you,

Honey is a superfood,

Honey is delicious. 

But what makes Manuka Honey so unique and GOOD for you? 

Manuka Honey is one of those few and very special products of natural origin that is good for all things from gut health to glowing skin. It’s high concentration of natural enzymes help treat skin conditions like acne and eczema; improve your digestion; heal wounds and burns; cure infections; boost your immune system and combat allergies like hay fever.

Although experts have said the best way to acquire all the benefits Manuka Honey has to offer is to simply have a daily spoon or two, this golden elixir has also been found to have incredible results when used as part of one’s skin care routine. In fact, experts have carefully selected it as the perfect natural alternative to achieve clear, well-hydrated, glowing skin. So forget about having to choose from 20+ skin care routine products- so many of which are made with harsh, nasty ingredients.

The easiest, most nourishing and gentle alternative has always been there waiting for you, and now you know about it!

Annie uses our Matcha Green Tea Manuka Honey Blend as part of her skin care routine to to purify and hydrate her skin.

And don’t get me wrong… a face mask and spoons full of are not the only way of having it.  Just like any honey – only with an earthier, stronger, and better taste- Manuka’s natural sweetness can be a great alternative to sugar and any of its ugly substitutes.

When it comes to cooking, Manuka Honey can be used in a thousand ways. From making cocktails, to sweetening a dressing, to making a cake. One of those ‘secret ingredients’ that never lets you down.

No time to be wasted now. We have hit the jackpot!

Something that is just as GOOD for you no matter how you choose to have it- on toast or as a face mask (!)