Manuka Baby


Gentle, natural Manuka Honey products scientifically formulated to soothe, nourish and protect the sensitive skin of babies and toddlers.

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Manuka Baby


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ManukaBaby by ManukaLife is a range of natural skincare for babies. Taking inspiration from the beautiful manuka flower, we have crafted our range of nurturing products to soothe, nourish and protect the sensitive skin of babies and newborns.

Babies have very special skin that is more susceptible to irritants, toxins and the environment. For this reason, choosing a natural range of skincare is the best way to help their skin stay healthy and protected. Our manuka honey, is made by bees in a unique bio secure regions of Australia where pure honey is produced.

Traditionally, manuka honey is known for its healing properties and when applied topically, it does wonders to calm, soothe and nourish even the most delicate skins. Scientifically formulated with gentle natural ingredients and the utmost care, ManukaBaby products incorporate manuka honey to treat and protect your baby’s skin. From formulations, packaging and ingredients, we’ve selected the highest quality for your baby. All of our products are Chemical free and are made with natural products for newborns, babies & toddlers.

Our MGO Grading Guide

Low30+TableEveryday table sweetener
Mild125+TableGeneral wellbeing
Medium250+Table & antibacterialGeneral wellbeing & digestive health
High550+AntibacterialCosmetics & digestive health
Ultra-high900+Superior antibacterialMedicinal & pharmaceutical