Manuka Oil


This multi-purpose oil can be used topically to assist in wound and scar healing, to promote healthy-looking skin or for aromatherapy to relieve feelings of stress and promote relaxation.

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Manuka is one of nature’s most powerful plants. The oil that it yields has strong antimicrobial properties which make it antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory. Manuka Oil is rapidly becoming a must-have essential oil and is one of the newest and most versatile additions to the aromatherapy family.


We have devoted the past five years to researching and developing elite genetics for our plant breeding program. This has enabled us to produce high-quality Manuka plantations specifically for the production of our Manuka oil.


From the tree, to still, to oil, we manage every step to ensure we produce 100% pure Manuka oil.

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