Pure, Natural & Premium Australian Manuka

Australian Manuka is among the strongest Manuka in the world. We bring you premium, active and authentic Manuka honey products backed by science, extensive research and our unique plant breeding programs that benefit people and the environment.

OUR manuka honey

Our Manuka honey is a result of one of the honey bee and her remarkable and dedicated work, foraging on Australia’s many native Manuka flowers. In Australia we are fortunate to have some of the healthiest bee populations in the world.

Here at Manukalife we collect our honey from plantations spread across the southern parts of Western Australia. These pristine, natural environments allow our healthy bees to collect and produce honey of the highest quality.

Our powerful Manuka honey is just as nature intended – pure, authentic and unadulterated.




Manuka honey is many times more active than other honeys as it contains considerably higher levels of enzymes and antibacterial properties. The medicinal properties of Manuka all come down to the flowers on the Manuka (Leptospermum) plants that the bees pollenate and turn into honey.

Manuka Honey is one of the highest natural occurring antibacterial products. It has been documented to be bactericidal (kills bacteria), whereas most pharmaceutically derived antibiotics and topical treatments are considered to be bacteriostatic (halt the continued replication of bacteria only). Manuka honey contains many other properties which can be used to our benefit in a variety of ways. Read more about these benefits here.


The critical force behind the active antibacterial effect of Manuka honey is Methylglyoxal (MGO), contained in the nectar of the Leptospermum flowers on which our bees feed. The strength and potency of Manuka products is directly measurable by the level of MGO present.

All of our honey products are labelled with an MGO rating so you can quickly and easily see the strength and quality of the honey you are buying.

Low30+TableEveryday table sweetener
Mild125+TableGeneral wellbeing
Medium250+Table & antibacterialGeneral wellbeing & digestive health
High550+AntibacterialCosmetics & digestive health
Ultra-high900+Superior antibacterialMedicinal & pharmaceutical

Our quality guarantee

We adhere to strict quality controls to ensure that honey that bears our label is of a high-quality. All of our honey batches are independently tested, not only to ascertain their strength but also to verify that our honey is clean and pure Manuka honey.

Our testing methods are supported by the Australian Manuka Honey Association (AMHA), which is the leading organisation for the provision of robust science-based criteria to identify, define and authenticate Australian Manuka honey.

The AMHA Mark of Authenticity

The AMHA recently launched their Mark of Authenticity, developed by Australia’s leading manuka scientists to give consumers confidence that any honey they buy that bares the mark is 100% authentic Australian Manuka honey.  ManukaLife honey bares this mark, assuring you that they manuka honey you buy from us is genuine, quality, Australian manuka honey.

Read more about the Mark of Authenticity at the AMHA website here.